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Snorefree2      the anti-snoring device that stops you from snoring

SnoreFree - Soft, gentle and resilient SnoreFree2 is an anti-snoring jaw brace that can save lives by preventing snoring and sleep apnoea. The SnoreFree device is an excellent help for people who suffer from light to medium snoring. SnoreFree2 anti-snoring device is a soft brace and is made of soft medicinal rubber with an elastic action which follows swallowing movements. This brace is hypoallergenic. Snorefree2 solves the problem, Easily, Safely, Gently.

Figure 1 - Without Snorefree, the tongue will obstruct the airways People who snore place a strain on those around them. But they also cause themselves problems because heavy snoring disrupts their sleep. Breathing stoppages of over 10 seconds are known as sleep apnoea, and is considered a serious condition. This condition is a potentially life-threatening condition that is far more common than generally understood.  

Figure 2 -  Snorefree ensures air passage throughout the night Apnoea decreases the amount of oxygen in the blood, and eventually this lack of oxygen triggers the lungs to suck in air, and at this point the patient may make a gasping or snorting sound but does not usually fully wake up.

It has been estimated that up to 50 percent of sleep apnoea patients have high blood pressure. It has recently been shown that sleep apnoea contributes to high blood pressure. Risk for heart attack and stroke may also increase in those with sleep apnoea.

Extended trials at the University of Copenhagen Medical School at Gentofte County 4 Hospital indicated that: "We believe that dental appliances like SnoreFree will establish themselves as a simple, surgery-free, first treatment for snoring and sleep apnoea complaints."

Lethal snoring

When snoring results in sleep apnoea, it spells danger. When the musculature relaxes the tongue falls back and obstructs the airways (see figure 1. left). This means that the brain does not receive the necessary oxygen, and you feel tired and heavy-headed.

Sleep Soundly with SnoreFree2:  The soft snoring brace, SnoreFree2, provides a clear air passage so that all unpleasant sounds from the sound of snoring is avoided. The flexible snoring brace sits firmly on the teeth. At the same time the lower jaw is fastened so that the tongue does not fall back and obstruct the air passage. A small brace presses lightly and gently on the tongue so that it is drawn forward and provides a clear air passage (see figure 2. left).

20% of people over 40 years snore

Especially men. 50% of all men over 50 years snore so much that their families and others around them suffer as a result. Sleep apnoea affects approx. 2% of everyone over 30 years. Scientific studies over a 10-year period have shown that 35% of untreated test patients died of this condition while the figure was 1-2% for those who were treated.

SnoreFree2 is safe and very affordable as compared to evasive expensive surgery

This is a NON-REFUNDABLE item due to health restrictions!!

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