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Nada Chair

nada chair

NadaChair offers a unique line of back support systems designed

(to use your body's own weight to hold it up.)

  1. to use reverse pressure from the shins to hold your back up.
  2. to harness your low back to your shins to prevent slouching.
  3. to provide perfect posture without muscular effort.
  4. to use your femur as a strut to hold your low back up.

NadaChair products deliver the effective (or actually deliver the) support that designers of expensive, ergonomic chairs can only reach for--without the bulk. Ever tried hauling your so-called "ergonomic" office chair along fishing, camping or traveling on airlines? Guaranteed to tip a canoe!

NadaChair products provide instant relief--they are a drug-free alternative to back pain. All our products instantly ease back pain caused by slouching and fatigue and prevent future discomfort by promoting good posture effortlessly.

Anyone, whether or not they suffer from minor or severe back pain, should try NadaChair posture products. They allow you to sit comfortably upright anywhere, without slouching--without the bulk of folding chairs.

Light and portable, NadaChair products are excellent for travel, sporting events and long days at the office. And they cleverly self-store in reversible pouches for easy carrying.

Our versatile line of supports and accessories are designed to be used by people of all sizes for both general and specialized situations. The non-elastic slings like the Back-Upand S'portBacker > offer the incremental adjustability favored by health care professionals for treating low back conditions. The elastic supports including BackRx and the LumbarJack offer sufficient flexibility to allow driving and varying movement for occupations such as dentistry. The BackUp is even used by astronauts in the International Space Station. The NadaChair ActiVest provides a discrete posture support system built into a vest. The integrated back support can be removed and used independently of the vest if desired.

PROBLEM - Chairs Don't Work

Slouching is a universal back problem that can lead to permanent and painful deformations of the spine. Not only do chairs NOT solve this problem, most often they make it worse! Why? Chairs are passive mechanisms that cannot provide adequate support at the low back where it is essential for healthy, comfortable and upright posture. So-called "ergonomic" chairs promise lumbar support, but they can't deliver. Serving only as props for slouched spines, these chairs make back problems worse. Why else do so many complain of low back pain and associated neck and shoulder stress caused by slouching? Bottomline: chairs don't work.

SOLUTION - Wear Your Chair

The Nada-Chair is the chair that you wear. This slouch-busting sling lets you sit comfortably for hours with effortless good posture. When you sit forward, the back support follows. Since the Nada-Chair follows your body with every move, you constantly enjoy firm, adjustable and dynamic support hugging your low back. "The Nada-Chair acts like an extra muscle that never tires," explains Arthur White, MD . By using the knees to stabilize the pelvis, muscles are relieved of their isometric tasks. The pelvis becomes a stable pedestal on which the spine can effortlessly rest with natural curves restored.



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