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Blood Pressure Kits

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Why TriCheck by LIFE SOURCE is good for you?

The nature of blood pressure readings is that they vary, sometimes a lot, even for measurements taken minutes apart. The latest recommendations from Hypertension Canada and the Amercian Heart Association suggest that you take 2 or 3 readings within minutes and the results, instead of relaying on a single reading. The latest devices designed for physicians use this technique and now LifeSource is making TriCheck available to you at home. The benefit to that user is the you'll see more consistent and reliable readings, that give a truer picture of your real blood pressure levels.

How does TriCheck by LIFE SOURCE work?

It will take a total of 3 readings at one minute intervals and show you the average of the 3, just like more and more physicians are doing now. You can also set you monitor to take 1 single reading if you're in a rush and can't wait. You choose.

A talking monitor - with coaching?

Our Premier Talking model (UA-1030T) not only gives you the result in a crystal clear voice but it coaches you on how to take a proper blood pressure reading - another first from LifeSource. You can even practice you language skills because the monitor speaks English, French and Spanish. The UA-1030T also has a SmoothFit cuff which is made of special material that won't pitch the skin when inflated, so its more comfortable, than a traditional cuff.


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