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GivMohr Sling Flaccid Upper Extremity Positioning Device Canadian Distributor

The PATENTED* GivMohr sling is a LATEX FREE positioning device for the flaccid upper extremity. Target populations include individuals who are ambulatory or potentially ambulatory.

The GivMohr sling was developed in a collaborative effort between Victoria Givler, OTR and Paul Mohr, PT in response to the lack of appropriate support devices currently on the market.

Read about us in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, December 2005. Click here for a link to the article.

In addition to the GivMohr Sling (1 arm), we also offer the GivMohr Bilateral Sling (2 arm).

GivMohr Sling Provides: from view side view rear view
  • Reduction of subluxation in sitting and standing.
  • Reduction of shoulder pain.
  • Dynamic joint compression of shoulder, elbow and wrist during standing and ambulation to facilitate return.
  • Functional Positioning of upper Extremity for Ambulation.
  • Retraction and depression of scapula.
  • Supports head of Humerus in Glenoid.
  • Humerus held in near neutral rotation.
  • Elbow held in mild flexion
  • Facilitates more symmetrical stride length and allows arm swing during ambulation
  • Easy Application
  • Can be worn under clothing
  • Washable
  • Universal fit: use on right or left arm.


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