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The Science of Sitting

People spend hours every day sitting on chairs; however, the human skeletal frame is not designed for chairs. Even ergonomic chairs, intended to hold the body upright, only do so effectively for a short period of time. After that, the postural muscles tire and the body slumps and slouches as the spine twists out of alignment. Ultimately, postural muscles weaken, leading to back pain and potentially putting you at risk for a back injury.

Introducing the Evolution Chair TM

By introducing a dynamic element to the sitting experience, the Evolution ChairTM keeps your muscles active while you are seated. This not only holds you in the correct position for your spine but also allows you to build your core strength while you sit. This new concept in sitting can contribute a great deal to your overall well-being, especially for those who sit for long periods at a time

How it works

The Evolution ChairTM is a high quality burst-resistant ball contained within a moving base. Simply by sitting on the ball and adjusting your body to the bounce, sway and tilt of the ball, deep core muscles are engaged. These constant small adjustments build the endurance and strength of the postural muscles which facilitate optimal posture. Active sitting is guaranteed to complement you regular exercise program.


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